Empowering Farmers

Why precision farming?

There are  lots of reasons for yield loss which leads to loosing soils and yeilds

We address all those reasons increasing yields and helping to make farming more efficient. Sensilize is complete solution to gather, analyze and implement the data in real time


Soil specific

Chemical and biological content of soil Soil compaction Crop rotation  learn more

Weather specific

Flood, Drought, Heat, Frost, Hail, Wind etc  learn more


Weeds, Insects, Diseases, Chemicals  learn more

Wrong Managerial decisions

Misuse of chemicals, fertilisers and equipment – wrong timing, location and/or dosages applied  learn more

We offer the answer

Our technology allows farmers of any size to double their crops yeilds


– Satellite and UAV multispectral field surveying – Yield maps and pictures of damaged plants upload – Live data from in-field IOT and weather stations – Soil and plant tissue test analysis


– Image stitching and processing – Opinion from agronomy, plant pathology and physiology experts – Insects and Disease detection AI – Detection of weeds, insects and plant diseases through an increasing database


Call to action advice:

– Variable nutrient application – Cost optimization from sawing to harvesting: live economic efficiency tracking in crop production management – Fertilizers, chemicals, biologicals, equipment

Solution for field and greenhouse growers

Online AI and our experts uses following tool and data for complex data analysis:

Satellite NDVI Images

and historical open-source data

Navigation App for field scouting

Plant stress differentiation with multiple instant solution choice

UAV Images 

IoT and weather stations  Plant tissue and soil lab tests

Automatic problematic area detection 

Our process

Technology behind the solution

SaaS and App

Weather Monitoring

Sattelite and UAV images, mobile labs and IoT devices

Sensor Robin Eye

We are comtinuosly improving this technology with the Phenomix consortium.  Currently it is optimized with:

– Seven narrow bands covering the VNIR regions – Radiometric calibration – Additional RGB camera and an incoming irradiance sensor for calculation of real reflectance – High spatial resolution 10cm at 100m above ground

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