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AG Tech is forecasted to be a top investement for the next 5 years!

Taking Off!

Having over $5 billion invested in 2018, this industry is set to explode with forecasts that we are at the very beginning of the largest growth of this sector in modern history.  learn more

Solving Real  Problems

An average of 30% of global crops are lost each year from insects, diseases and forseeable weather issues. By using Sensilize, we not only curb these losses and help increase crop yields!  learn more

Increasing Yields

By using this technology, we actually double crop yields for many of the farmers using Sensilize. We not only stop the loss, but we double forecasted yields!  learn more

No Up Front Fees

Sensilize is the ONLY solution on the market that doesn’t require large up front fees or long term contracts. It was designed by farmers FOR farmers!  learn more

$3 Billion

Projected AG Tech investment globally 2019


This industry will create a new wave of unicorns!


Rare exit opportunites that show amazing potential

A business owned by farmers FOR farmers!

Most of the AG Tech services and products were birthed by IT or digitally savvy developers. Sensilize was birthed in the top agronomy incubator in Israel, known widely to have the most advanced and cutting edge technology in this space. Sensilize is owned by a 3 generation farmer!

Farming is Family Business

Growing up on a farm in a famous agriculture family’s business, Pavel Hilman currently serves as a Shareholder, Member of the Executive and Advisory Boards and Supervisory Committees of numerous private and public corporations (high-technology projects in the areas of bio-tech, agri-tech, med-tech, etc.)

Zalman Hillman

Pavel’s grandfather developed two well respected breeds of pigs, held 14 agricultural related patents.  Read his Wikipedia bio linked above.

Farm Roots

Working with the Israeli Phenomics incubator, Pavel is currently seeking investment capital to launch Sensilize!

Hillman Tradition

Still operating an agricultural business in the heart of Belarus, Pavel has purposed to make a difference in the difficult work farmers do.

Empowering Farmers

Sensilize does not charge hefty up front fees or long term contracts like other companies. We know that farmers struggle to make ends meet.

$75 Million

AG Tech Market in Ukraine


Hectares Farms using AG Tech


Hectares Farms using AG Tech

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