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Sensilize is an international scientific precision agriculture company manufacturing and supplying farmers with integrated remote sensing hardware and software solutions for crop health analysis and management. With the team of in-house IT developers and plant scientists Sensilize creates a flexible and easy to use SaaS digital farming platform that consolidates data from all types of sensors and open source for crop stress prediction, detection and prevention with scientific approach of plant physiology. This is achieved by providing cloud computing data storage as well as crop health and soil analysis tools powered by deep and machine learning, algorithms aiming to calculate and recommend specific actions to increase yields in eco-friendly sustainable way and achieving most of its genetic potential in the at affordable way for for each individual farmer.

Our Core Team

We are proud to represent both business, technology and agriculture expertise

Dr. Leonid Hilman


Pavel Hilman


Dr. Yoav Zur


Lior Cohen

Remote Sensing Engineer

Oleh Verveyko

Product Manager

Oleksandr Obozniy

Plant Physiologist

Yaryna Butenko

Remote Sensing Specialist

Yan Homenko

Operations Manager

Our Story

Founded in 2013 by Dr. Yoav Zur and Dr. Robi Stark in Israel with purpose to invent the most advanced remote sensing device for crop phenotyping and stress detection. Military grade sensing technology designed for for agronomy, plant physiology and pathology with its own tailor made smart image stitching software and online data analysis with spatial decision support system. Advised and guided by international team of scientists in USA, Israel, UK and Ukraine implementing deep and machine learning for development of AI for plant stress detection and differentiation algorithms. R&D financed by Israeli Innovation authority grant of USD 700k. Since 2018 Sensilize LTD has joined Phenomics consortium together with Evogene, Hazera, Rahan, ARO, Elbit and Opgal. Further Steps: Improving airborne calibration as well as ability of easy Integration with any UAV platforms Applying and testing remote sensing solution for indoor agriculture (greenhouses and vertical farming). Expanding the product range to ground sensors and IoT. Implementation of AI, neural networks and collaboration with big data companies.

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