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Sensilize offers most comprehensive precision agriculture solution on the market

Sensilize is an international scientific precision agriculture company manufacturing and supplying farmers with integrated remote sensing hardware and software solutions for crop health analysis and management.


The company is headquartered in Israel with subsidiaries and representatives in UK, Eastern and Western Europe.
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Sensilize heritage

The company research and development is financed by Israeli Innovation Authority as a result of winning a grant from the Chief Scientist of Israel.
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Phenomics Consortium 

Sensilize is also a part of Phenomics consortium together with Evogene, Hazera, Rahan, ARO, Elbit, Opgal, Rahan Meristem and 3 Israeli Universities aimed to develop deep and machine learning algorithms for phenotyping by Israeli Innovation authority.
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Comprehensive solution

Sensilize is a flexible and easy to use SaaS digital farming platform that consolidates data from all types of sensors.  Utilizing data for crop stress prediction, detection and prevention with the scientific approach of plant physiology. 
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Our comprehensive solution

We combine the following 6 elements to give the most comprehensive data, insight and actions available to save crop loss and to increase overall yields!

Satellite Imagery.

Using the latest satellite photography, we use these images to gain valuable insights into the crops, weather patterns and potential issues affecting yields.

Weather Monitoring.

Using satellites, AI and databases, we follow weather patterns and forecasts to let you know about issues affecting your crops BEFORE they happen!

Drone Flyovers.

Using the patented and award winning Robin Eye sensors, we capture images on 7 thermal bands to feed more comprehensive data into our AI resources and agronomist to review.

AI Powered Data.

Using the most advanced artificial intelligence data mapping, we take all the assessments we gain from satellite, drones and IOT to generate deeper insight and knowledge of crops.

IOT Tools.

Using IOT tools like field monitoring devices that gather a variety of data from temperature to soil conditions we use this with databases, AI and on-hand agronomist for the most advanced insight.


Our agronomist teams are something very unique about Sensilize! We don’t just rely on data and AI because as farmers, we know that these tools aren’t perfect. Reviewing each case with a human touch ensures our insights and data are as accurate as possible

We Empower Farmers!

We are a family owned business with agricultural history going back many decades. We understand that farming is often a family business. Unlike the big companies that want you to spend a lot of money before you need them, we are here to help you WHEN you need us. No up-front costs, no long-term commitments. We empower farmers to get the most out of their yields. As farmers ourselves, we understand the challenges!

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