Case Studies

A Deeper Look

Sensilize uses multiple technologies to detect, confirm and then quickly resolve issues with crops.  Below are a few recent examples from 2019, showing both weed detection at the earliest stages and disease.

An Example of Weed Detection

Using multiple technologies, Sensilize can detect something as simple as weeds at the earliest stages, giving farmers an advantage on managing their crops.

Weed Detection

Wheat field is one month old in Gat, Israel, 2019.   


The weeds are also detected and confirmed in NDVI mapping. 


As final confirmation, the weeds are detected in CIR format.

An Example of Stress Detection 

Using multiple platforms, Sensilize uses a variety of methods to detect and confirm stress on the crops.  You will notice it is consistent with NDVI, CIR and how the AI sensors are measuring Carotenoid to Chlorophyll.  Upon this information, Sensilize will make recommendations to the farmer long before it is noticeable to the human eye.

Drone with Robin Eye Sensors

Sensilize uses multiple platforms to detect crop stress in this example.